The Inquiry Team

The Chair is supported by a Secretariat, a Legal Team and Counsel to the Inquiry.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat is the administrative team which supports the Inquiry Chair and assists them to conduct the work of the Inquiry. The team is responsible for the administration of the Inquiry, including the leasing of premises for hearings, and the provision of IT and other essential services. The Secretariat is headed by the Secretary to the Inquiry. The Secretary to the Inquiry is Julie-Anne Jamieson.

The Legal Team

The Inquiry has its own Legal Team, which provides legal advice to the Inquiry Chair and Secretariat. The Legal Team is headed by the Solicitor to the Inquiry. The Solicitor to the Inquiry is Andrea Summers.

Counsel to the Inquiry

The Chair has also appointed Counsel to the Inquiry. Counsel will lead the Inquiry investigations, participate in the provision of legal advice, and in due course appear at the Inquiry’s oral hearings. The Counsel Team is headed by Senior Counsel to the Inquiry. Senior Counsel to the Inquiry are:

  • Colin J. MacAulay QC, Lead Senior Counsel
  • James A. Peoples QC, Senior Counsel