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The Development of Care Services in Scotland

Professor Andrew Kendrick (School of Social Work & Social Policy, University of Strathclyde)

Professor Kendrick is to provide the Inquiry with a Report which describes the development of child care services in Scotland from 1900 to 2014. In particular, the Report will:

  1. Describe the establishment, evolution and nature of specific forms of care settings and how these changed over the period under review.
  2. Detail the development of policy and practice in care settings and the regulatory framework which governs them.
  3. Explore in more detail critical aspects of the development of care services for children in Scotland.

Professor Kendrick’s Report will examine the changing child care population over time, changes in policies relating to the placement of children in care and changes in policies regarding contact with family members. It will also examine the governance, monitoring and inspection of child care services at all levels, including the recruitment, selection, training and supervision of staff and carers as well as changes in acceptable forms of punishment in care settings, such as the use of corporal punishment. In addition, the Report will seek to identify any systemic weaknesses in care services over time against a backdrop of the changes to children’s rights and practices of listening to children and young people.