Feeling safe with the Inquiry

We want you to feel safe when you speak to us. Talking about child abuse can be painful and distressing. This is to be expected. Our witness support team will answer any questions that you have about speaking to us.


Before you give evidence to us, you will be given a witness support team contact. This will be someone you have spoken to already. They will stay in touch with you about the process of you giving evidence to the Inquiry. Your witness support team contact will talk with you about where is easy and safe for you to meet with the Inquiry. They will explore with you how we can know if the experience of talking to us is becoming too much, and they will stay with you when you tell the Inquiry about your experiences.


The witness support team will be able to complete an application with you over the phone when you contact us or can send you an application form for you to complete. The information you give us will be handled securely and with sensitivity.


Please click here to find out what information the Application Form requires