Statement review

Information about statement reviews

At the statement review you will meet one of the statement takers, from your private session, together with your witness support team contact. You can bring someone to support you at the review if you want.


We will ask you to look over the statement. You can discuss any changes to your draft statement that you want. When you are content with it, we will ask you to sign it.


Once you have signed the witness statement we will destroy the recording of your private session as we don't need to use it anymore.


You can’t withdraw your witness statement once you have signed it. But you can make a further statement if you want to say something more or different.


Your witness statement will be your evidence to the Inquiry. It will be a formal, permanent record of what happened to you. We will use your statement to help us look into abuse of children in care in Scotland. For most people this is the end of their process of giving evidence to the Inquiry.


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