Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry is looking at the abuse of children in care. It was set up on 1 October 2015. The Inquiry will raise public awareness of the abuse of children in care. It will provide an opportunity for public acknowledgement of the suffering of the children. It will be a forum for validation of their experience and testimony. The Inquiry will report to Scottish Government Ministers within 4 years with recommendations for the future to improve the law, policies and practices in Scotland. The report must also be presented to the Scottish Parliament. The Inquiry is currently taking evidence from people who were abused. On this website you can find out about how to give evidence.

Report of Preliminary Hearing

Clarification on "Leave To Appear"

This notice provides clarification on when an application for "Leave to Appear" is required.

Resumption of Phase 1 Inquiry hearings and commencement of Phase 2 hearings

This notice provides information about the continuation of Phase 1 of the Inquiry’s hearings and about the commencement of Phase 2 of the Inquiry’s hearings. There is also information about applying for “leave to appear” for the first case study in the Phase 2 hearings.

Inquiry newsletter for Spring/Summer 2017 now available

The Inquiry has published a newsletter giving information about progress so far and about the current phase of hearings.

First day of public hearings

The Inquiry's first day of public hearings took place today, 31 May 2017. Opening statements were heard from a number of organisations and groups.

Inquiry hearings - information added to the website

The website has been updated to include some more information about the Inquiry's hearings.

Timetable for Phase 1 of Inquiry hearings

The timetable for Phase 1 of the Inquiry's hearings has been added to the website.


Second Phase hearings: The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul and the Sisters of Nazareth

Inquiry first phase hearings starting on 31 May 2017

The Inquiry has issued a notice providing information about the scope and purpose of the Inquiry’s first phase hearings which will start on 31 May.

Research reports

Part 2 of Professor Norrie's Report - Legislative Background to the Treatment of Children and Young Persons Under State Regulation of Their Residence - covering the years 1948-1968 has been completed. In addition, a revised version of Part 1 and a set of Appendices have been completed.

New Factsheet - Disclosing allegations

A new factsheet has been added to the website, providing clarification on when the Inquiry may share an applicant's name with the organisation or person named as an abuser or their legal representatives.

Resignation of Mr Glenn Houston

Panel Member Glenn Houston today resigned from the Inquiry.

Update on investigations

Further information about the investigations currently being carried out by the Inquiry.

New factsheet for witnesses

There is already a factsheet on the website for people who want to tell us they were abused. We have now added a new factsheet for other witnesses to the Inquiry. This covers a wide range of people including staff members of care providers, managers of care providers, policy officials, social workers, police, doctors, inspectors, academics, and counsellors.

Preliminary hearing

Update on the work of the Inquiry, including a video of the Inquiry's preliminary hearing, along with the text of the statements given by Lady Smith and Glenn Houston.

Research reports

The Inquiry has commissioned a number of experts to provide reports on issues relating to its Terms of Reference. The new Research page on this website gives more information on this research and will include links to the reports as they become available.

New pages added to the Inquiry website

We have added some new pages to the 'About the Inquiry' section of the Inquiry website. These give information on how the Inquiry goes about its work and include a list of core participants.

New and updated information on the Inquiry website

Lady Smith has issued General restriction order No. 2 dealing with the protection of the identities of family members of applicants and of people who are deceased but who could have been applicants. The table showing the Inquiry’s expenditure has been updated with the information for October to December 2016. A number of factsheets and protocols have been revised.

Inquiry Terms of Reference

Deputy First Minister announces change to Inquiry Terms of Reference

Message from Lady Smith

Lady Smith has issued a message setting out her approach to the work of the Inquiry

Appointment of new Chair

The Scottish Ministers have announced the appointment of a new Chair for the Inquiry

Progress to date

An update on the work of the Inquiry to the end of June 2016

Factsheet about the Inquiry

Information for people who have been abused, explaining how the Inquiry is taking evidence from survivors and how to talk to the Inquiry about giving evidence