Giving evidence to the Inquiry

The Inquiry is investigating the abuse of children in care, in Scotland, over a period from early in the twentieth century up until 17 December 2014. 

We need to take evidence to help us investigate and complete our work. We gather evidence using a trauma informed approach. The witness support team help people through the process of giving evidence to the Inquiry. 

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Giving evidence as an applicant

An applicant is a person who applies to give evidence to the Inquiry about having been abused when they were in care as a child.

This section also applies if you were a family member of someone who was abused in care as a child. 


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Giving evidence as a witness

A witness could be someone who has knowledge of the abuse of children in care, for example staff members who worked in residential care establishments. 

A witness could also be someone external who may be able to provide evidence about a care establishment, for example, a social worker or an inspector. 

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Trauma Informed Approach

At SCAI we understand that many of our applicants have experienced significant trauma. We believe that a compassionate, empathetic, and informed approach is essential to providing the support and assistance you need. 

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