Additional support to give your evidence

If you require additional support to give your evidence, the Inquiry’s witness support team are here to help. The witness support team will work with you to ensure you can make contact with, and give your evidence to the Inquiry, whether this is through giving a statement, and, or, attending a public hearing as a witness. 

The Inquiry has taken evidence from applicants with additional needs, including applicants who use British Sign Language (BSL).  We understand that some people may need an interpreter to support them to contact the Inquiry, not just with giving their statement.

We also know that many of those who wish to share their experiences with the Inquiry may find reading and writing difficult. The witness support team can provide information in ‘easy-read’, talk over the phone and work alongside applicants and witnesses to ensure that they are ready and supported to give evidence to the Inquiry. There are options for reviewing statements, which include reading a statement out to someone. You do not need to read or write to give a statement to the Inquiry.

We would encourage anyone who may need additional support to give evidence to the Inquiry to get in touch with the witness support team. 

Contact the witness support team

Click here for ways to contact the witness support team at SCAI

Contact the witness support team
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The Inquiry (“SCAI”) can be contacted:

by post at PO Box 24202, Edinburgh, EH3 1JN

by email for general inquiries at