Evidence Development of Care Services in Scotland - Executive Summary

Development of Care Services in Scotland - Executive Summary

Professor Andy Kendrick (Emeritus Professor, CELCIS, University of Strathclyde), Erin Lux, Sharon McGregor, and Richard Withington, wrote a report for the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry examining the establishment, nature, and development of a wide range of services providing out-of-home care for children and young people in Scotland, from 1900 to the present day. The breadth and nature of services have changed markedly during this time, and the report identifies developments in good practice and systemic weaknesses. The report also considers the changing nature and needs of the child care population, highlighting how the increased focus on children’s rights and relationships has impacted service provision. Despite a general improvement in the quality of services, the authors conclude that some looked after children and young people still have poor experiences of the care system, and face stigma and discrimination.

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Kendrick, A. , Lux, E. , McGregor, S. , Withington, R.

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Research Reports