PHASE 8: The abuse of children in residential accommodation for young offenders and children, and young persons in need of care and protection

Tuesday 5th December
Chapter 1: Scottish Prison Service

Hearings to commence at 10:00am unless otherwise indicated.

Week 4
Tuesday 5th December

Witness GTR – ‘Martin’

Wednesday 6th December

Witness GQR – ‘Mark’

Thursday 7th December

Witness GIH – ‘Tom’
Witness IGL – ‘Rupert’

Friday 8th December

Daniel Gunn

Witness statements to be read in to the transcript over the duration of this Chapter:

Witness GJJ
Witness GQI
Witness GRF
Witness GKY
Witness MTI
Witness GQY
Witness HIK
Witness GRM
Witness HCZ
Witness IBF
Witness ILH
Witness GSE
Witness KEA
Witness HQG
Witness HMD
Witness GQT
Witness HHV
Witness IBA
Witness IAH
Witness KCT
Witness GJC
Witness KCV 
Witness IPM
Witness LVE
Witness IGU
Witness IKH
Witness IFM
Witness IQV
Witness HKC
Witness GGQ
Witness GKX
Witness GGC
Witness HUP
Witness INJ