Phase 8: The abuse of children in residential accommodation for young offenders and children, and young persons in need of care and protection

Chapter 3: Dundee – Week 2. Hearings to commence Tuesday 20th February 2024.

Tuesday 20th February
Chapter 3: Dundee
Week 2

Hearings to commence at 10:00am unless otherwise indicated.

Tuesday 20th February

Witness GRF – ‘Gary’ (By video link)
Witness HGX – ‘Buster’
Witness William Bauros

Wednesday 21st February

Witness GFR – ‘Michael’
Witness IQF – ‘Peter’
Witness KHW – ‘Chelsea’ (By video link)

Thursday 22nd February

Witness IQZ – ‘Petrie’
Witness GCX – ‘Marshall’
Witness HJK – ‘Lynn’

Friday 23rd February

Witness Dee Buchanan (By video link)
Witness MQW – ‘Rizzo’
Witness GMX – ‘Pierre’