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Hearings - Foster Care

The Foster Care case study includes children who were boarded out, as well as children who were placed in foster care by a Scottish local authority and children who were in kinship care

Week commencing 03/10/22

Italics denote that a statement will be read in to the transcript – the applicant is not appearing to give evidence in person.


Tuesday 4th October

Pol Martin

Eleanor (FZW)

James Farquhar


Wednesday 5th October

Dorothy (FZT)

Neil (FZS)


Thursday 6th October

John Deeney

Ian Henderson

Rosa (ESK)


Friday 7th October

Pamela (FWH)*

Donald (FWI)

Emma (JBZ)


The following statements will be read in to the transcript at some point during the three weeks of hearings between 20th September and 7th October. Pseudonyms for these statements will be added to the weekly lists when they have been confirmed:


FIY (Anthony)

EPF (Gillian)

LAF (Calum)

EOW (Alice)

LAE (Cody)

Alexander McLean

MPZ (Mandy)

EUC (Angelica)

EVB (Leigh)

EPT (Logie)

EOU (Anne)

LCT (Yvonne)

LDI (Bernie)

FDL (Linda)

FHO (Donna)

EMG (Neil)

FDZ (Emma)

FDX (Colin)

FPF (Clair)

FEL (Carrie)

FLP (Dylan)

Elspeth Cromar

FZM (Alan)

PBG (Kate)

FHX (Annie)

FHV (Eileen)

EUU (Ronald)

FNU (Peter)

JCW  (Christine)


* there is a possibility that this statement may be read in - if there are any changes to the schedule, legal reps will be duly notified