Publish date: 26 Sep 2017

A widespread campaign to raise awareness of the Inquiry’s work and to encourage witnesses to come forward has been rolled out across the UK.

Since the beginning of the year a variety of different adverts have been strategically placed to help ensure all available evidence is gathered, and as many people as possible can contribute if they wish.

As the Inquiry continues we will highlight the different campaigns on our website, starting off with details of the multi-media bus shelter adverts that have been on display up and down the country.

Over 3 million people on Edinburgh’s Princes Street will have seen the brightly lit digital panels carrying details of the Inquiry’s “Talk to Us” campaign over the course of the summer.

But the campaign has reached out much further than just the capital.

Right across the whole of Scotland, from Elgin to Leith, and Wishaw to Aberdeen, giant traditional bus shelter adverts have been put up on some of the country’s busiest streets.

The blue and white banners, which are almost six feet high, are emblazoned with details of how to make contact with the Inquiry by phone, e-mail, post and also carry our website address.

It is estimated the bus shelter adverts will have been seen in total 20 million times by the time it comes to a close.