Publish date: 07 Mar 2023

A public hearing was held on 23 February 2023 at which oral submissions in support of applications received by the inquiry, and in response to them, were made. The applications concerned evidence provided in relation to the inquiry’s boarding schools investigations. That evidence was protected by the General Restriction Order.  Lady Smith undertook to give her decision in writing, after the hearing. Her decision is published here.  Permission is now given, with immediate effect, to disclose and/ or publish inquiry evidence that identifies Iain Wares.


Relevant inquiry statements and transcripts will be updated to remove the cipher CDZ revealing the name. It should be noted that, as Iain Wares was referred to by the pseudonym, “Edgar”, during hearings, the removal of the cipher in the hearing transcript will show “Edgar” but this person is in fact Iain Wares.