Publish date: 16 Jan 2017

Lady Smith has considered the sensitive and personal nature of the evidence being given to the Inquiry by the family members of applicants and by the family members of people who are now deceased but who were, or could have been applicants, and has issued General restriction order No. 2 dealing with the protection of their identities.

The table showing the Inquiry’s expenditure has been updated with the information for October to December 2016.

The factsheet Expenses and Loss of Time has been replaced by two separate factsheets, one dealing with expenses and the other with compensation for loss of time.

Three of the protocols have been revised and have been combined with their associated application forms so that all the necessary guidance is in the same document as the application form. These are:

  •  Expenses
  • Compensation for loss of time
  • Anonymity and other restriction orders

A fourth protocol, Witness statements and other evidence, has also been revised.