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A press release was issued today ahead of phase 2 hearings



Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Hearings: Details regarding Phase 2 hearings


On Tuesday 28 November 2017, the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry will begin Phase 2 hearings. During Phase 2, the Inquiry will examine evidence it has gathered, researched and analysed relating to residential child care establishments run by Catholic Orders.


From 28 November until 11 December, evidence will be heard from a number of individuals who were resident in Smyllum Park in Lanark or Bellevue House in Rutherglen. The Inquiry will then hear evidence from witnesses in relation to deaths of children at Smyllum Park. These will include a representative from Police Scotland, two medical experts and a genealogist.


Hearings will finish on 15 December and resume again on Tuesday 9 January


As many individuals are protected by the Chair’s Restriction Orders, they will not be named in witness lists published on the Inquiry’s website unless they have waived their anonymity. Appropriate measures will also be taken to protect their anonymity while they give their evidence at the hearing.


Because of the need to safeguard anonymity, transcripts of the day’s proceedings may also take longer to appear online to ensure appropriate redaction. The Inquiry team will endeavour to post transcripts online as soon as possible.


Space will be limited and only accredited media will be allowed access to the media room and seating area. All journalists are asked to apply for accreditation in advance. Broadcast media filming requests at the hearing will be considered for approval on a case-by-case basis. Please contact 3x1 Public Relations if you have any questions regarding this.


Members of the press are requested to take great care when covering the hearings particularly in relation to identification of any witness. A member of the Inquiry communication team will be on hand to address any issues that may arise.


Hearings will continue be held at the Inquiry’s hearing venue, situated on the 3rd floor of Rosebery House, 9 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 5EZ.




For media enquiries please contact:

3x1 Public Relations

T: 0131 225 7700 / 0141 221 0707

E: SCAI@3x1.com




About the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry


Witness Schedule – Tuesday 28 November to Friday 1 December

All witnesses have been given a three-letter cipher. This is necessary to protect their anonymity. Where first names are given, these are pseudonyms. Where a full name appears, the witness has waived their anonymity. The witnesses marked with an asterisk * are witnesses who are not appearing in person. Their statements are being read in.

  • Witness AAI – (David)
  • Witness AAU – (Fergie)
  • *Witness AAB – (Frank Docherty) – The statement of this witness is being read in.
  • *Witness AAE – (Jim Kane) – This statement of this witness is being read in.
  • Witness ABV – (John)
  • Witness EAJ – (Tom)
  • Witness IAP – (Dexter)
  • *Witness AAD – (Frank) – This statement of this witness is being read in.
  • *Witness AAZ – (George Higgins) – This statement of this witness is being read in.
  • Witness ABW – (John)
  • Witness ABM – (Bill)
  • Witness AAA – (Paul)
  • *Witness AAP – (Theresa) – This statement of this witness is being read in.
  • Witness AAO – (George)
  • Witness AAR – (Louise)
  • Witness ABL – (Michael)
  • *Witness ABA – (Jean) – This statement of this witness is being read in.


Inquiry background

The overall aim and purpose of the Inquiry is to raise public awareness of the abuse of children in care, particularly during the period covered by the Inquiry. It will provide an opportunity for public acknowledgement of the suffering of those children and a forum for validation of their experience and testimony. The Inquiry will do this by fulfilling its Terms of Reference which are set out below.

  1. To investigate the nature and extent of abuse of children whilst in care in Scotland, during the relevant time frame.
  2. To consider the extent to which institutions and bodies with legal responsibility for the care of children failed in their duty to protect children in care in Scotland (or children whose care was arranged in Scotland) from abuse (regardless of where that abuse occurred), and in particular to identify any systemic failures in fulfilling that duty.
  3. To create a national public record and commentary on abuse of children in care in Scotland during the relevant time frame.
  4. To examine how abuse affected and still affects these victims in the long term, and how in turn it affects their families.
  5. The Inquiry is to cover that period which is within living memory of any person who suffered such abuse, up until such date as the Chair may determine, and in any event not beyond 17 December 2014.
  6. To consider the extent to which failures by state or non-state institutions (including the courts) to protect children in care in Scotland from abuse have been addressed by changes to practice, policy or legislation, up until such date as the Chair may determine.
  7. To consider whether further changes in practice, policy or legislation are necessary in order to protect children in care in Scotland from such abuse in future.
  8. Within 4 years (or such other period as Ministers may provide) of the date of its establishment, to report to the Scottish Ministers on the above matters, and to make recommendations.


  1. ‘Child’ means a person under the age of 18.
  2. For the purpose of this Inquiry, “Children in Care” includes children in institutional residential care such as children’s homes (including residential care provided by faith based groups); secure care units including List D schools; Borstals; Young Offenders’ Institutions; places provided for Boarded Out children in the Highlands and Islands; state, private and independent Boarding Schools, including state funded school hostels; healthcare establishments providing long term care; and any similar establishments intended to provide children with long term residential care. The term also includes children in foster care.

The term does not include: children living with their natural families; children living with members of their natural families, children living with adoptive families, children using sports and leisure clubs or attending faith based organisations on a day to day basis; hospitals and similar treatment centres attended on a short term basis; nursery and day-care; short term respite care for vulnerable children; schools, whether public or private, which did not have boarding facilities; police cells and similar holding centres which were intended to provide care temporarily or for the short term; or 16 and 17 year old children in the armed forces and accommodated by the relevant service.

  1. “Abuse” for the purpose of this Inquiry is to be taken to mean primarily physical abuse and sexual abuse, with associated psychological and emotional abuse. The Inquiry will be entitled to consider other forms of abuse at its discretion, including medical experimentation, spiritual abuse, unacceptable practices (such as deprivation of contact with siblings) and neglect, but these matters do not require to be examined individually or in isolation.