Publish date: 06 Dec 2021

In May 2022 the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry will begin hearing evidence relating to Phase 7 of its investigations into the abuse of children in foster care. This evidence will include children who were boarded out, as well as children who were placed in foster care by a Scottish local authority.

The first part of the case study will feature evidence from relevant experts and regulatory bodies to provide context and scene setting. The Inquiry will then hear evidence from individuals who experienced abuse in foster care as well as a range of other witnesses.

Hearings will be held at the Inquiry’s new venue in Mint House, 20 West Register Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2AA.  Foster care is a substantial case study, and it is expected the case study will run for several months.

At this stage, applications may be made for leave to appear for this case study. Anyone wishing to apply should do so as soon as possible and, in any event, no later than noon on 10 January 2022.

What’s involved in having “leave to appear” is explained here on the Inquiry’s website. There are also application forms on the website.

Members of the public do not need “leave to appear” to watch hearings from the public areas in the Inquiry venue. They are welcome to do so at any time.