Publish date: 08 Nov 2017

Information about the investigations being carried out by the Inquiry

The Inquiry is currently investigating 69 institutions that provided care to children in Scotland, including boarding schools and establishments run by Catholic orders, the Church of Scotland, other private care providers, local authorities and NHS Boards.

You can see the full list of current investigations here.

Information about more investigations will be published in due course.

The Inquiry has ordered organisations to provide reports giving the Inquiry information about the organisations and also about their establishments.  We are asking for information on issues such as how establishments were managed, how they operated on a day to day basis, what policies and practices were in place, what external supervision existed and how children were protected.  If the present arrangements are different, we are asking for details of when, why and how things have changed.  We are also asking whether organisations acknowledge that abuse took place within their establishments.

In due course, we will recover relevant documents from these organisations.

Alongside this work, we are continuing to take evidence from people who tell us they were abused in a wide variety of care settings.

Anyone who can offer evidence to the Inquiry is encouraged to come forward, whether or not their evidence is about one of the places the Inquiry is already investigating.