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Research commissioned by the Inquiry


The Research and Policy Team identifies, gathers and reviews information relating to the abuse of children in care and related topics in order for the Inquiry to meet its terms of reference and to ensure the best use of quality data across the Inquiry. We may carry out research within the Inquiry or commission experts to assist us in our work. Our research relies on information we gather in the course of the Inquiry, including things like institutional records and information and statements from applicants. This research will inform the Chair’s findings and recommendations.

Research Reports


Some topics required of the Inquiry's Terms of Reference are best explored and investigated through roundtables. Roundtables are an opportunity to invite key stakeholders to share with the Inquiry their knowledge of the current policy and practice landscape in Scotland, and whether and how improvements can be achieved. Roundtables are particularly helpful for the consideration of complex issues, where the perspectives of a range of stakeholders should be debated and taken into consideration.

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