Our Commitment to a Trauma-Informed Approach

At SCAI we understand that many of our applicants have experienced significant trauma. We believe that a compassionate, empathetic, and informed approach is essential to providing the support and assistance you need. That's why we've adopted a Trauma-Informed Approach, guided by specialist input and the NHS Education for Scotland's Trauma-Informed Justice and Skills Framework for working with victims and witnesses.

What is a Trauma-Informed Approach?

A Trauma-Informed Approach recognizes the widespread impact of trauma. It actively seeks to avoid re-traumatization and places importance on the individual's safety, choice, and control, thereby building trust and hoping to assist recovery. .


How We Use the Trauma-Informed Approach


Our team is trained to understand the physical, psychological, and emotional effects of trauma. We recognise that trauma may affect your ability to participate in legal processes, recall events, and even trust others. We're here to support you through this.


Our Commitment to You


At SCAI, we are committed to providing a service that acknowledges your experiences, respects your journey, and supports your recovery. We're here to help you navigate this process with dignity and respect.

Link to read the NHS Education for Scotland's framework

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