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Here you can search for information about the Inquiry. You can filter by 'news', 'press release', 'newsletters' and sort by 'date published'.

News list

Inquiry announces Phase 9 of investigations

This announcement provides further information about a future Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) case study.

Phase 9 of SCAI’s investigations concerns the provision of residential care in establishments for children and young people with long term healthcare needs, additional support needs and disabilities.

It is expected that public hearings will commence in spring 2025. This is an area of residential care that requires investigation as part of SCAI’s wide ranging terms of reference.

Investigation of this category of establishments has been ongoing throughout the life of the Inquiry and many relevant statements have already been provided by applicants.

The provision of residential care by the following institutions are being considered as part of the case study:

Algrade Trust
Children’s Home, Humbie

The Donaldson Trust
Donaldson’s School for Deaf Children, Edinburgh

Harmeny Trust
Harmeny School,Balerno

NHS Dumfries & Galloway
Ladyfield West Children’s Hospital, Dumfries

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, and East Dunbartonshire Council
Lennox Castle Hospital, Lennoxtown, Glasgow

Fife Council
Ovenstone Residential School, Pittenweem
Melville House, Cupar
Linwood Hall Children’s Home, Leven

Royal Blind
Royal Blind School, Edinburgh

NHS Forth Valley
Royal Scottish National Hospital, Larbert

Independent  providers
Starley Hall School, Burntisland
Monken Hadley / Corsbie Hall / Woodlands School, Newton Stewart

Lendrick Muir School, Rumbling Bridge

Congregation of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God    
St Mary’s Balnakeil, Galashiels

Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul
St Vincent’s School for the Deaf and Blind,Tollcross, Glasgow 
St Joseph’s Hospital,Rosewell

Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd
Woodfield Ladymary School, Colinton, Edinburgh

Lady Smith, Chair of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry said: 

“The Inquiry’s wide-ranging Terms of Reference include requiring us to investigate the provision of residential care for children in healthcare establishments providing long term care and also similar establishments.

“Phase 9 will, accordingly, examine the provision of residential care for children and young people who had long term healthcare needs, additional support needs, disabilities or a combination of those needs.

“We plan to hold public hearings and expect that they will be able to commence in spring 2025.

“A range of organisations were involved in the provision of such residential accommodation including the National Health Service, local authorities, voluntary and private providers.

“Our investigations have been ongoing throughout the life of the Inquiry.

“A number of people have already come forward, but we would encourage anyone with relevant information to get in touch with the Inquiry’s witness support team as soon as possible.”

The Inquiry’s witness support team can be contacted on 0800 0929 300, or emailed at

Individuals can also write to the Inquiry by post at SCAI, PO Box 24202, Edinburgh EH3 1JN.

SCAI launched a new website earlier this year and includes a range of features to improve accessibility such as “Recite me” and a series of short British Sign Language videos.


Autumn/Winter 2023 Newsletter

The Inquiry has published its Autumn/Winter 2023 newsletter.


Lady Smith discusses Phase 8 of the Inquiry

The abuse of children in residential accommodation for young offenders and children, and young persons in need of care and protection.


Publication of Case Study no. 8 Volume 2: Child migration schemes

Today, Thursday 28 September, Lady Smith has published the second volume of her findings concerning the practice of children being migrated from Scotland.


Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Hearings: Commencement of Phase 8

On Tuesday 19 September the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry will begin its public hearings in relation to Phase 8 of its investigations: The abuse of children in residential accommodation for young offenders and children, and young persons in need of care and protection.


Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry hearings: continuation of Boarding Schools case study

Press Release


Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Hearings - Phase 1 - Continuation of Expert Evidence

Press release


Loretto pupils suffered sexual, physical and emotional abuse


Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry publishes ninth case study findings


Loretto pupils suffered sexual, physical and emotional abuse

Press Release

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