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News list

Resignation of Panel Member

Mr Glenn Houston has resigned as a member of the panel because he has accepted two other public appointments which he is unable to hold in conjunction with his panel membership.


Preliminary Hearing, 31 January 2017

The Inquiry held a preliminary hearing on Tuesday 31 January 2017 at Parliament House in Edinburgh.


Research reports - First reports from research commissioned by the Inquiry

The Inquiry has commissioned a number of experts to provide reports on issues relating to its Terms of Reference.  The new Research (HYPERLINK) page on this website gives more information on this research and will include links to the reports as they become available.


New and updated information on the Inquiry website

Lady Smith has considered the sensitive and personal nature of the evidence being given to the Inquiry by the family members of applicants and by the family members of people who are now deceased but who were, or could have been applicants, and has issued General restriction order No. 2 dealing with the protection of their identities.


Message from Lady Smith

Approach to the work of the Inquiry


Progress to date

The Scottish Ministers are in the process of appointing a new Chair and panel member for the Inquiry. Meanwhile, the important work of the Inquiry continues as it seeks to fulfil the requirements outlined in its Terms of Reference.

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