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News list

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Phase 1 Hearings Resume

Phase 1 hearings for the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry will resume today, Tuesday 31 October, in Edinburgh.


Update on investigations

Information about the investigations being carried out by the Inquiry


Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Hearings: Details regarding Phase 2 hearings

PRESS NOTICE - Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Hearings: Details regarding Phase 2 hearings



Respecting anonymity of witnesses

Comments from Lady Smith on the first day of Phase 2 of hearings regarding the prohibition of disclosure or publication of the identities of anonymous applicants and alleged abusers


Newsletter - Autumn/Winter 2017

The Inquiry has published its newsletter for autumn/winter 2017


Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Hearings: Continuation of Phase 2

On Tuesday 24 April the Inquiry will resume hearing evidence relating to Phase 2 of its investigations into residential child care establishments run by Catholic Orders. 


Request to Film - Lady Smith's Decision

This Inquiry’s first public hearing took place almost a year ago. Since then, in addition to the preliminary hearing, there have been 41 days of evidence.


Standard of Proof - Lady Smith's Decision

Decision by The Rt Hon Lady Smith, Chair Re: Standard of proof.


Phase 3 hearings - Press Release

This announcement provides information about Phase 3 of the Inquiry’s public hearing.

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